New Russian, Unbranded Firmware Released for Samsung Galaxy S II

July 14, 20120 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S II New Russian Unbranded Firmware

There’s nothing more exciting than when a phone or tablet gets a new update. With the current flurry of activity surrounding Android Jelly Bean and its release just days ago, it’s easy to forget that some devices are still waiting on Ice Cream Sandwich updates. Even still, some devices are waiting for their updates to fix problems with their current Ice Cream Sandwich firmware. The Samsung Galaxy S II actually falls into neither of these categories as most owners are very happy with their experience with Samsung’s updates so far. That won’t stop anyone from wanting to try the latest and greatest firmware.

The latest update is from Russia and is unbranded—meaning that it isn’t for any specific service provider or cell phone carrier. This means it’s relatively safe to flash on nearly any International Samsung Galaxy S II. Unfortunately, there isn’t a change log or feature list that comes with the firmware upgrade, so it’s unclear at this time whether or not the firmware will increase performance or fix any existing problems. What is known is that the build is only a few days old and it comes with a few local applications, all of which are presumably Russian.

One thing to note is the version. The firmware goes by the name XWLPM and carries the same issue that many Samsung owners have been having with the XXLQ5 leaked update for Samsung galaxy s II. For more information on that, there’s an informative post about it here at XDA-Developers. Be sure to read the information in that link if you intend on flashing this firmware update, as the issue explained could be detrimental to the health of your device. For more information about the firmware upgrade, check out the XDA thread for it here.

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