Safely Install the Latest Update for Canadian Samsung Galaxy S III Without Losing Root

September 6, 20120 Comments

Getting an Over-The-Air update is always exciting. Whether it’s a new version of Android or just a maintenance update, OTA’s can bring bug fixes, better performance, better battery life, new features, and all sorts of other great things. The only downside to OTA’s happens if you are rooted, as installing an OTA most often breaks root and forces you to do the process all over again. Mostly, rooted users must wait for the OTA to be made available pre-rooted or for their favorite ROM developers to re-base their ROMs to include the OTA. This can be time consuming.

Your SGS3 will never be this awesome

For Samsung Galaxy S III users in Canada, you have another option. There is a method to get the latest LH1 OTA right now without breaking root or waiting for another alternative. It takes a little time and a little attention to detail, but it isn’t overly difficult even for those who aren’t the most tech efficient. You’ll need Samsung Kies installed, as well as the latest Odin and the appropriate drivers. If you don’t have them, then Google is your friend. Before we proceed, keep in mind that what you do to your device is your business. We assume no responsibility if things go wrong. Without further delay:

  1. Download the file appropriate for your carrier from the source link. Also get the SuperSU download and the ClockworkMod Recovery files.
  2. (Recommended) boot into your recovery and create a backup in case something should go wrong.
  3. Unpack the firmware file you downloaded in step one. You should see a .dll file and a .md5 file.
  4. At this point, open Odin, click the PDA button, browse to the .md5 file from step 3 and select it.
  5. Boot your phone into download mode and connect it to your PC.
  6. Once everything is connected, hit “Start” in Odin and let it flash.
  7. After the phone boots, put it back into Download Mode.
  8. Repeat step 4, except this time use the ClockworkMod Recovery file instead of the firmware file.
  9. Hit “Start” and let it do its thing.
  10. Once the phone reboots, place the onto your device’s SD card (this can be done during any step).
  11. Reboot the phone to recovery and flash the SuperSU zip.
  12. Go to here to get the Triangle Away application and use it.
  13. Profit!

Once finished, you’ll be rocking the latest update with root and recovery. No issues, no worries; just awesomeness. For troubleshooting and more information, check out the source link.


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