Unofficial Samsung Galaxy 3 Jelly Bean Update released

July 31, 20120 Comments

The party that is Jelly Bean continues as more and more devices receive official and—the more likely—unofficial support. It seems as though every device is invited to the Jelly Bean party because there have been reports of Jelly Bean being ported to devices that are so old and so low spec’d that there’s virtually no excuse why nearly all devices can’t eventually get it. Of course, on the official side of things, it’s not likely to happen. On the unofficial side of things, well, there’s a lot more hope.

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samsung galaxy 3 jelly bean

Unofficial Samsung Galaxy 3 Jelly Bean Update

Hope has paid off for the Samsung Galaxy 3 crowd, as an unofficial Samsung galaxy 3 Jelly Bean Update has been released. It also happens to be a CyanogenMod10 port, so it’s one of the most trusted names in all custom ROMs. That said, it is important to note that pretty much all custom made Jelly Bean ROMs have at least a few problems at this point so stability is an issue. For now, the CM10 port for the Galaxy 3 has the following features working:

  • SD Card
  • WiFi
  • Vibration
  • Sensors
  • GSM
  • Screen shots

Of course, there’s a list of things not working as well, to include:

  • Mobile Data
  • Sound

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So, if you are a frequent user of mobile data—and considering we’re talking about smartphones, it’s a safe bet you are—then this may have to be a pass for the time being. However, having the ROM there, booting, and with only a couple of issues is definitely a reason for Galaxy 3 users to be happy. You will likely not get an official Jelly Bean update from Samsung, but this custom ROM is only a few bug fixes away from being stable enough to use every day. All that’s needed is a little patience.

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Source: CyanogenMod10 for Galaxy 3

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