Samsung Galaxy Note 2 general power management tips

May 16, 20130 Comments

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is easily one of the best smartphones released containing a 3100 mAh battery, which is one of the largest batteries in a smartphone on the market. The Galaxy Note 2 is often able to push 14 – 18 hours of use before the battery needs a recharge. 14 – 18 hours of battery life is a lot, but you can usually push it a bit farther using the built-in power saving option.

We’ve listed a few tips below so you can get the maximum use out of your battery with this particular device:

Power saving mode is a feature built into the Galaxy Note 2. It has a few options that will allow you to get the most out of your battery. Let’s face it, you rarely push your devices hardware to the limits, so having all of the options checked off in power-saving mode will surely help your battery life.

The Note 2′s 5.5-inch screen is a real power hog, so having its brightness as low as possible will also give your battery life quite a boost. Pair that with keeping demanding apps like Facebook, who uses numerous background services, closed and you have yourself another large boost.

Snagging yourself a battery save app will do you some good too, in some cases at least. Battery saving apps tend to have a lot more options to optimize your phone’s performance than the built-in power saver does. The app won’t always work as it depends on how much you use your device. Any battery save on the Google Play Store tends to work.

Lastly, one of the best things you can do if you own an LTE device is using Wi-Fi as much as possible. LTE is a huge battery hog, arguably much more than the 5.5-inch display is. Using Wi-Fi whenever possible will easily give you more battery life.

Setting your phone to vibrate actually takes more battery life than having it on silent or even the volume all the way up. This, of course, will not affect everyone, but if you get a 200+ notifications a day, you can easily save yourself a bit more battery life. It’s not much, but it all eventually adds up.

While these are very general tips, they are definitely ones to keep in mind and will surely boost your battery life. Following these tips I have more often than not been able to push 32 hours of battery life before the device outright dies. If you’ve got any general power management tips, be sure to let us know!

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