Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit – Root Access, Backups, Flashing and More

November 29, 20120 Comments

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 continues to fly off the shelves (currently more than 5 million of them have been sold, and the total gets higher every day) the tools and utilities for the device have continued to improve. One such utility, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit by mskip at the XDA forums, has grown exponentially, both in usefulness and the number of devices and carriers supported. The Toolkit allows users to quickly and easily perform many functions that would otherwise take a lot more time and effort.

Snap_2012.10.27_00h06m46s_005_Among it’s many functions, one of the most essential is the automatic installation of the necessary USB drivers for the Note 2. Additionally, the Toolkit can easily backup and restore apps, data and the internal SD card, copy and compress /system and /data partitions, perform full nandroid backup functions, root any Note 2 firmware build, install busybox and Superuser (or SuperSU if you prefer), install a custom recovery menu, and flash or create Odin images. Other features include support for mod packages and dumping logcat buffers.

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Anyone who wishes to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit should be sure to make their own backup of their device beforehand, as the developer takes no responsibility if something goes wrong. The Toolkit can be found in the release thread here. For many Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners, this may be the perfect tool to help unlock the full potential of their devices.



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