SIM Unlock Any Samsung Galaxy Device With GalaxSim Unlock

September 8, 20120 Comments

One of the great joys of owning a GSM phone is the ability to pop in just about any other GSM carrier’s SIM card and the phone gets service. This allows users from all over the world to get devices from across the globe and have them work on the carrier they use. Of course, the major drawback to this system is the fact that most carriers do what is called a carrier lock. A carrier lock is when a carrier—we’ll say AT&T—locks the phone so that only AT&T SIM cards can be used. This can be a pain, as the methods for SIM unlocking a phone can be complicated and difficult. Now, there’s an application that’ll do that for you.

For Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II, and Samsung Galaxy S III owners, you now have a simple application that will do all the hard work of unlocking your device for you. It is called GalaxSim Unlock and it is more than your typical Unlock and Relock application. It will unlock your device and make sure it remains that way, no matter what custom ROMs you may try to flash. This is definitely important as users have reported that flashing custom ROMs has relocked their devices.

Here’s a full list of features for GalaxSim Unlock:

unlock/unbrand your phone the best as my current knowledge permits to. Which is sufficient to run any currently available roms (including JB).
work on any existing rooted rom
support international Galaxy S3 i9300 (Us qualcomm based GS3 are not supported at this time)
support other Galaxy family devices (S, S2 and their variant) (not extensively tested as of now, drop me a pm if yours is unsupported or supported but not written so)
work if you previously unlocked your device with “voodoo unlock” or “galaxy s unlock”
work if you installed a previous ril (aka mike’s patch).
warn you if you’re using other dangerous methods
warn you if your imei has been lost due to any error in nv_data caused by a third party app.
give you detailed information about current locks status (be it locked, unlocked or “partially locked”, ie unlocked with methods not compatible with newer roms)
backup efs before modifying anything (that should guarantee you a safe use)
enable you to restore your efs backup if you want to.
be updated when needed (I need it as much as you )
compute md5 files properly (no log hack)
support more galaxy devices soon

So if you have a GSM Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, or Galaxy S III and you need it SIM unlocked, this is—by far—the best method available currently to get that done. Also, with more device support on the way, this could very well be compatible with other Samsung devices in the near future. Keep an eye on the source link for more details.


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