Sprint Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G to Receive Jelly Bean Update

September 6, 20120 Comments

One of the biggest disappointments for the Sprint Nexus line is that they aren’t true Google phones. Yes, they are Nexus devices and carry no carrier bloatware. However, they don’t get their updates directly from Google like the GSM Nexus does. Like any other device, the Sprint Nexus line up has to go through an approval and testing process which can be pretty annoying when other Gnex users are running official Jelly Bean and Sprint users are still waiting. Don’t take it badly, Sprint customers, Verizon users don’t have it much better.

The updates to get official Jelly Bean are schedule for today, Thursday, September 5th. So if you’re running a stock Galaxy Nexus you should see the ever so great notification to apply an update. Even if you’re rooted, the OTA should still be okay to use. The reason for that being that Nexus devices—even if they aren’t official Google devices—are notoriously easy to unlock and root. Of course, if you’re rooted, you’re likely running a Jelly Bean build anyway. According to the source, users can’t force this OTA, they have to wait for it. This means that going to “About Phone” under the menu and checking for updates manually won’t work. That’s a little weird, but hey, that’s the report.

Going right along with the Galaxy Nexus is the Nexus S 4G, which will also be getting an update. Presumably, during the same time and with the same rules as the Galaxy Nexus update. The Galaxy Nexus update is named FH05 and the Nexus S 4G will be called JRO03R. So if you accept an update and that’s what you see in your menu, congrats, you have it! Aside from the obviously huge number of features, performance improvements, and many other things that come with Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G from Sprint will join the ranks of all the other Galaxy Nexus devices to get official Jelly Bean.

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