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How To – Install Official Clockworkmod Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (All Versions)

April 20, 20130 Comments

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most successful and best selling Android devices that came out in 2012, and despite the fact that it is almost a year old, with various new devices with more updated hardware have been announced, or already available the SGS3 continues to be popular among users. Like all [...]

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Safely Install the Latest Update for Canadian Samsung Galaxy S III Without Losing Root

September 6, 20120 Comments

Getting an Over-The-Air update is always exciting. Whether it’s a new version of Android or just a maintenance update, OTA’s can bring bug fixes, better performance, better battery life, new features, and all sorts of other great things. The only downside to OTA’s happens if you are rooted, as installing an OTA most often breaks [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Brand New Jelly Bean Leak

August 23, 20120 Comments

It is all but certain that the Samsung Galaxy S III is getting an update to Jelly Bean sometime soon. How do we know this? Well, Samsung did say so themselves, but given how difficult updates can be, we don’t really take their word for it. The biggest evidence is the series of leaks that [...]

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Users to Hit Samsung With FFC Complaint For Locking Bootloaders

August 9, 20121 Comment

The law. We all must abide by it, even massive, international corporations. However, due to the vaguely worded nature of many laws and the will of most people to bend those interpretations to their benefit, the law can get a little mixed up. This is especially true with corporations, which will analyze and define the [...]

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Facing any galaxy s3 memory leak? Get It Fixed Now

August 8, 20120 Comments

It is nearly common knowledge that not every device ships perfectly. Every Android device released has a small problem here or there that is usually harmless, but can affect a number of people under certain conditions. Namely, power users and those who use a boatload of applications are the ones who have the biggest problems [...]

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Rooted Samsung Galaxy S III Users Can Now Have Better Jelly Bean

July 28, 20120 Comments

As Jelly Bean continues to run rampant across the internet, everyone is asking themselves how they can get it. Unless you happen to be the owner of the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the Samsung Nexus S, which have all gotten official updates to Google’s latest and greatest, the only solution is to gain [...]

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Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Reportedly Coming Soon

July 27, 20120 Comments

Oh snap! Most Android users get really excited when they hear about how they’re getting unofficial releases of a new Android version. Rooted Android fans flock to new ROMs with new versions of Android like birds fly south for the winter—all at once at the same time. However, those unrooted users on the Samsung Galaxy [...]

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Learn how to install emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3 which works System wide

July 26, 201214 Comments

Emojis are pretty popular among all the mobile operating systems and the internet in general. For those that don’t know, Emojis are picture words that are used across the internet. Examples include smiley faces that show up in place of the classic “:)” in most chat interfaces, various animals, hand signals, and pretty much anything [...]

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Guide To Which Samsung Galaxy S III Applications Safe to Remove

July 23, 20120 Comments

Oh bloatware, how people hate thee. With the exception of the pure Google experience devices, also known as the Nexus series with a few additional devices, every devices comes with some degree of bloatware. For those who are somehow unaware, bloatware is carrier-specific applications that cannot be removed. Examples include apps like Sprint Zone, Samsung’s [...]

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How To Remove SMS and MMS From Showing Up In Your Phone Log

July 22, 20120 Comments

All devices from all operating systems have features that users love and features that users hate. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of taste. In others, it makes one wonder why the OS doesn’t have a way to turn that particular feature off. No matter which one, though, developers eventually find a way to [...]

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