Three VPN’s That Will Keep Your Smartphone Secure on a Public Network

May 13, 20130 Comments

Have you ever gone to Starbucks or Tim Horton’s, ordered your coffee, sat down and connected to their Wi-Fi to catch up with your bank account, daily news and even Facebook?

While that’s fun and all, you should keep mind that doing personal activities on your smartphone may not be the best idea on a public network as opposed to a VPN. While it is uncommon, people can steal your data, and with little effort too.

That’s why you should use a virtual private network, which is more commonly known as a VPN, when connecting to a public network. Most VPN’s simply require you to press connect, which is little to no hassle when it comes to keeping your data safe. Don’t know which one to use? That’s fine! We’ve got three great one’s listed below!

Hideman VPN is an outstanding VPN because its mostly free and gets the job done very well. Most VPN’s cost money, and so does Hideman, but the Hideman VPN gives you a free five hours to use every week. For the general public, this should be enough to get by. For power users, it isn’t, which is why you can purchase time whether it be in hours, months or years.

Hideman also allows you to change your location. In example, you could be in the US wanting to access a international website that blocks US IP addresses. With Hideman VPN you can change your IP address to reflect an IP address in another country. Now, a lot of VPN’s are able to do this same thing, but a lot of them require you to purchase a premium package whereas Hideman VPN does not do this.

Besides, Hideman is a fitting name for a private network, isn’t it? You can download the app here.

Tunnelbear is much different than Hideman despite doing setting out to do the same thing. With Tunnelbear, the VPN is there, but your wealth of options is not. In example, you aren’t given five hours to use on a weekly basis; you’re given 500MB to use on a monthly basis with the option to get a free gig a month if you send out a tweet from the Tunnelbear app every month.

Tunnelbear only has two server locations: one in the UK and one in the US. General users won’t find this to be a problem, but surely there are some others who would hate to not have a range of options to connect to. While the app is severely limited compared to Hideman, there are some fun things to it.

Hideman is a bit boring despite giving its users more free reign over how they use the app. Tunnelbear, I guess you could say is a lot more fun as it has a few different animations to reflect the state of the app. When the Tunnelbear app is idle, the bear that indicates whether the connection is active, idle or shut off, is sleeping. When you touch the screen, the bear will wake up and wait for you to do something and so on. In a way, you could say it’s a bit more interactive.

Hotspot Shield is your run of the mill VPN app. It does what you need it do with no hassle. The benefit of Hotspot Shield is that it’s free, though it is plagued with ads to make up for it being free. You can purchase the app for $19.99 per year, which is cheaper than Hideman and Tunnelbear, or you can get it for free by completing offers like installing apps and completing surveys.If you’re into cute bears and animations make sure to download the app here!

Hotspot Shield gets the job done and that’s about it. There’s no fun animations or having the choice to have your IP address reflect another country’s IP address. Now, the app does claim to have the best speeds, but don’t like that fool you as Tunnelbear VPN seems to offer the most speedy connection. Hideman’s connection is pretty fast, but that all depends on what server you’re connected to since they have servers in a bunch of different countries.

You can download the app here, and if you’re wanting learn a little more about VPN’s, make sure to check out the video below!

Do you think there’s a better VPN out there than what we listed? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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