Top 3 free Android apps for better navigation by car owners

August 26, 20130 Comments

With increasing dependency on navigation services across, it time to check out which are the best apps that give the car owners the best options to stay safe yet provide a great deal of options to cache in and increase their productivity while driving. These apps would definitely help the users not only to reach safely without being distractive but also add fun to the owners while allowing the owners to concentrate on their main task. Below are three free apps that every car owner must try for navigation purposes and take their driving to next level.

1. MapFactor: GPS Navigation

MapFactor is one of the top Navigation apps that many users love for the ease of use and the efficiency and promise it brings with it. And most importantly being free!! There are many a navigation apps out there which boast of being free and productive but only to fail as most of them have issues like GPS connectivity or use online maps which require data connection which might not be available all the time.

On the other hand, MapFactor is one which lives what it claims and truly can be called a free navigation app. The application gives the users choice to save required maps on memory card so that there is no need of any data connection and one can navigate all the maps even at remote locations without being actually connected to the internet. The maps are available for free download from Google Play store and can be downloaded for future use by the app avoiding any data connection charges and any roaming charges as these maps can be used offline. The map uses open-source map data from OpenStreeMap that is being continuously improved by a large pool of users around the world. More than 60k users have provided with positive reviews for this app and is worth trying for sure as it doesn’t cost you even a penny.


Well smartphones are everywhere today in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, while driving and where not and its pretty difficult to stay away from them for long. Especially while driving, its pretty dangerous for drivers as they constantly get distracted. But as smartphones bring in a lot of productivity to the job, its unavoidable when it comes to checking mails or messages on a long trip. Keeping this in mind app was born.

The job of this app is to read out the messages and emails for the drivers. This will allow the drives to focus on driving without being distracted. is a very simple yet useful text to speech application available for Android. The app is free and can be installed on your phone directly from the application store. Users can enable or disable the feature and even modify the automated response. For more features and uses, there is also a paid version of the app for advanced users. But the free version also provides the users with the most basic important operation of reading out text and users will definitely like this. Just give a try.

3. Auto Answer Handsfree Car

The use of Bluetooth handsfree kits and even wired handsfree kits is prohibited by law while driving and this leaves only loudspeaker kits that are a tad expensive; or you can use your device’s loudspeaker for free. But you will still have to answer the call. Well, that’s where Auto Answer Handsfree Car application comes in. The application answers the call automatically and puts the device on loudspeaker mode so that you can focus on the road rather than with the device. The application has a single widget that can turn on and off the function while making it extremely easy to use. Give it a try and we bet you will not be disappointed.

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