Host of Transparent Applications Released for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

July 24, 20120 Comments

When it comes to Android, one of the most underrated parts of Android development—albeit one of the most popular—is theming. While it doesn’t inherently make performance, battery, or anything else better or worse, it would be difficult to find one rooted Android user who didn’t have a theme preference. Whether it be something like black and blue or black and red or any number of color mixtures, most people have a way they like their smart phones to look.

transparent applications

Transparent always looks better.

Transparent Applications for Samsung Epic 4G Touch

This is what makes transparent applications and widgets special. They adhere to no specific theme but can be compatible with all of them. Instead of taking sides and being any one color, the slightly clear nature of transparent applications allows the underlying theme to shine through, making them universal when it comes to making Android look good. Samsung Epic 4G Touch users now have a number of transparent applications to choose from. By installing them, users will have fewer applications that clash with their theme and a more complete look. That’s always a good thing.

The apps included are:

  • GenieWidget (News and Weather)
  • Pandora
  • Accuweather
  • Samsung Weather Widget (The full sized Accuweather widget)
  • Transparent Clock

The list may sound narrow, but weather, news, and clock are the predominant widgets that are found on a majority of the home screens users see when they unlock their phone. Granted, it makes it a bit of a placebo effect, but it is a great start.

To install, users download each apk file individually and place them on their device. Then, using a root explorer application—or a root explorer option on a regular file explorer—copy and paste the apk to the /system/app and set the permissions as the other apps in the folder are. To get the downloads and help if something goes wrong, click the source link.

Source: XDA Developers

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