USB OTG Helper For Rooted Xperia Neo Makes USB OTG Easier

July 30, 20120 Comments

For those who don’t know, USB On the Go could be one of the most underrated and unknown features of newer Android devices. In a nut shell, USB On the GO–commonly called USB OTG—is a function that allows mobile devices to act as a host device. Much like a computer, a host device can have things like USB flash drives, external hard drives, keyboards, and mice connected to them. This can be sometimes useful in terms of the mice and keyboard, but the real winner comes with being able to connect storage devices that can be larger than your typical SD cards. Who wouldn’t want to be able to stream video off their 2TB external hard drive onto their phone?

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USB OTG Helper

USB OTG Helper for Rooted Xperia Neo

Using USB OTG is quite simple. Usually, there’s a mini-USB to regular USB connector cable that you can then plug hard drives, flash drives, and such into the device. The device then recognizes it and the user can use it just as though they’d plugged it into the computer. Not all USB OTG is created equal, however, and some devices require a little bit extra to run optimally. For Sony Xperia Neo users, that application is called USB OTG Helper. Requiring only that users be rooted first, the application adds some much needed features to the Xperia Neo, including:

  • Mount and Unmount drives in a single click.
  • Full NTFS support built in (which is required for larger hard drives).
  • Automatically start on device connection.
  • Notifications when drive is mounted.
  • Automatically opens file manager when drive is mounted.
  • One click debugging and feedback

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While it may not seem like a lot, the automation of several processes is a big improvement over not having them and NTFS support is crucial for larger hard drives as that is how they are normally formatted. This gives Xperia Neo users the most ergonomic experience possible with USB OTG.

For more info and installation instructions about USB OTG Helper, check out the source link.

Source: XDA Developers

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