Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update Being Held Back by Verizon

August 26, 20120 Comments

When a user invests in a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it’s because they want the pure Google experience. They want the bleeding edge updates straight from the Google wire without interference from things like wireless carriers or device manufacturers. Unfortunately, for those who got the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, it sounds as though they that won’t be happening.

According to reports, the cause is Verizon’s extensive testing. Even though it’s a Google device, to be updated by Google, Verizon has taken it upon itself to take control and make sure the Jelly Bean update the GSM Galaxy Nexus owners have been enjoying since shortly after Google I/O. While, on the surface, this seems like a perfectly good practice for Verizon to ensure that their customers are only getting the highest quality from their manufacturers and from Google, the truth of the matter is that buying a Nexus device means putting your faith in Google and not the wireless carrier. Thus, it has caused customers a good amount of frustration and anger to see that Verizon is holding up the update.

The Jelly Bean update, when it does eventually roll out, will bring a much faster and smoother GUI experience, better widgets, better applications, and a host of other improvements. Thus far, Android Jelly Bean is far and wide the most highly acclaimed version and most reviewers agree that this finally puts Android on the same level as iOS in terms of smooth usage and user friendly design. Most devices will have to wait longer as OEMs have to apply their custom skins—i.e. HTC Sense or Samsung Touchwiz—and go through the carrier testing process. It appears as though Samsung Galaxy Nexus users, at least on Verizon, will have to suffer through the same rigmarole. At least they aren’t denying, which would be an utterly stupid move. For more info, check the source link.


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