Guide To Which Samsung Galaxy S III Applications Safe to Remove

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Oh bloatware, how people hate thee. With the exception of the pure Google experience devices, also known as the Nexus series with a few additional devices, every devices comes with some degree of bloatware. For those who are somehow unaware, bloatware is carrier-specific applications that cannot be removed. Examples include apps like Sprint Zone, Samsung’s Media Hub, game demos like Nova 2, and apps like Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance. Whether people like it or not, carriers still continue to include them. Some carriers have gotten a little wise to the idea that not everyone appreciates their applications. One example is Sprint, who’s bloatware can be almost entirely removed even without root. Some other devices on other carriers aren’t so lucky.

samsung galaxy s iii

Guide To Which Samsung Galaxy S III Applications Safe to Remove

This is why lists like this exist. A comprehensive list of every application on a device—in this case the Samsung Galaxy S III—that can be removed, cannot be removed, and could possibly be removed but may cause problems. It allows users to safely remove all the crap without causing any issues and without requiring something like a factory reset. The list is quite long. On it, over 107 applications have been tested to see what can be removed and what cannot. There are some on the list that don’t have a classification—i.e. whether they can be safely removed or not—but more than half have been tested and have been properly classified.

In order to properly use the list, users must be rooted. From there, they need an application that will uninstall them. A favorite among Android fans is Titanium Backup. Use the application to uninstall applications you don’t need or don’t want as per the list from Samsung Galaxy S III. In all, the process can take some time as well over 70 applications have been found to be removable right now. However, once done, it’s well worth the trouble to not have those apps taking up space and using up RAM.

For updates and troubleshooting, check out the source link. For the list of Samsung Galaxy S III Applications Safe to Remove, click here.

Source: XDA-Developers

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