A Status Update On Who’s Getting Jelly Bean Update

July 31, 20120 Comments

It seems like every other day, something new and exciting is happening in the world of Android Jelly Bean. From the dozens of unofficial ports to devices getting official updates and even down to OEMs just announcing official updates, there’s seems to be a little something in the Jelly Bean world for everyone. While it’ll definitely take some time for all the OEMs to roll out the update to as many phones as they can, there has been a list compiled of all the various OEMs and the devices they claim they’ll be supporting at least through Jelly Bean.

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List of Devices Getting Jelly Bean Update

It’s quite a large list, so we’ll go down through based on OEMs.


  • All tablets have been confirmed to eventually receive Jelly Bean.


  • Transformer Pad 300
  • Transformer Prime
  • Pad Infinity


  • Most of their Nexus devices have already been updated to Jelly Bean, but updates are promised for all but the Nexus One (which has it’s own official port anyway).


  • One X
  • One S
  • One XL
  • Most likely the half-breed One series device the EVO LTE. That, however, is unconfirmed at this time.


  • LG hasn’t announced that any of their devices are getting Jelly Bean at this time. Depressing, LG.


  • Motorola has announced that they will be updating devices to Jelly Bean, but haven’t released a list of what’s to come.


  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • God willing, the US variants (ask the Epic 4G owners about that, they got Gingerbread when everyone else was getting ICS).
  • Galaxy Note


  • The 2011 line up has been officially let go by Sony as they won’t be getting Jelly Bean updates.
  • The 2012 line up is still being assessed by Sony right now, so if you own a 2012 device, you got a 50/50 shot at Jelly Bean.


  • Both of Toshiba’s big Android tablets are expected to get Jelly Bean, with a third tablet being released later this year with Jelly Bean pre-installed.


  • Most of their phones to-be-released with ICS will get Jelly Bean updates.

It could be better but it could also be a whole lot worse. This list is also expected to grow as companies research whether it’s either possible or financially prudent for them to make updates to older or other devices. So keep your head to the ground, Android fans, OEMs haven’t forgotten about all of you just yet.

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